The future of CNC machining is going to happen, but without FERTIX

This is maybe the hardest post we have to publish here. Nonetheless, this is part of the full story of FERTIX, too.

If you ever visit a training for founders and startup, everyone will tell you that 90 % of all startups will not survive. In those trainings, of course, everyone thinks “But that’s not us, we are in the 10 %!”. We thought so, too, but we are in fact in the 90 %.

FERTIX officially ceased to exist in late 2017 and will not proceed with the development for the CNC machining market.

We know that a lot of the small businesses we were in contact with, had great hopes and were eager to work with us. We are tremendously sorry that we will disappoint you in the sense that we cannot deliver a solution for you.

We are thankful for everyone who helped us along the way, whether it was developing the product, finding customers and partners, but also figuring out the problems we could in fact not overcome.

For everyone who is interested in what the future for CNC machining will look like, we suggest to check out the Dutch startup batchforce, located just 30 minutes away from Aachen ( and the German startup KREATIZE ( located in Tübingen and Berlin. Kreatize is continuing our dream with a great spirit and great team, we wish them all the best!

Dennis Birkholz, Tilman Bremer, Klaas Rühmann

FERTIX hat seinen Betrieb eingestellt. Mehr Informationen
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